May 30, 2015


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Mediation is a dispute resolution process. It is a way for two or more parties to resolve their dispute without going trial. During mediation, the parties meet with a neutral third party to try to reach an agreement they both find acceptable. The parties can agree to mediate or the court can order it. 

Mediation is a confidential process. It is an attractive choice because it avoids airing your “dirty laundry” in a public courtroom.

Family law matters that are typically mediated include divorces (both temporary and final orders); enforcing or modifying court orders; creating or modifying parenting plans; child support, visitation, and child custody issues; post-divorce issues; and any lawsuit affecting the parent-child relationship.

Don’t spend your child’s college money fighting in court. 

Parenting Facilitation

Parenting facilitation is a dispute resolution process. It assists two co-parents who are experiencing high conflict to learn ways to reduce the conflict and its negative impact on their children.

Parenting facilitation is defined by Texas law. To serve as your facilitator, I will need a court order appointing me to your case. Your attorney can help you with that. Unless you have a court order, there is no way to guarantee your co-parent’s participation.

Parenting facilitation is not a confidential process; in fact, the purpose of a facilitator is to report back to the court. The goals of parenting facilitation are to assist the co-parents in learning new skills to reduce conflict, improve communication, reach agreements concerning their children, and/or comply with court orders.

Sometimes co-parents do not realize that Parenting Facilitation is available. They may learn about it during mediation and then include it as part of the agreement that they reach.    

If I accept your case, I will be acting as your mediator or parenting facilitator. I will not be acting as your attorney and I will not be giving you legal advice.

Disclaimer: This website and all of its contents is for general educational and informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice or therapy. If you would like legal advice, please consult an attorney. If you would like mental health advice, please consult a licensed counselor or therapist.