May 30, 2015

Self-Help Tools

Self-Help Tools

I created this page because parents are often unaware of the various resources that are available to support them, and they may not have enough time to do their own research from scratch. You can use the list below as a starting point. I listed the topics in alphabetical order, and I linked you to some of my favorite websites, books, articles, and self-help tools regarding parenting, co-parenting, divorce recovery, and the special issues that sometimes arise when raising children in two homes.     

Self-help is great, but remember you don’t have to “go it alone.” Collaborating with a professional for a few sessions can really help you get through a tough time. When you are facing a family issue and want to keep the children’s best interest in the forefront, a professional can help you sort through  the issues, feel supported, and gain insight into options and strategies that you may not have considered yet.  Professionals in the family law context can include attorneys, mediators, parenting facilitators, guardian ad litems, parents’ therapists, children’s therapists, and family therapists.   

BIFF Response for High-Conflict People: Brief – Informative – Friendly – Firm


Drama Triangle, Breaking Out 

Child Support

Website: Texas Attorney General’s Office – Child Support Division

Communication Tools and Apps

Conflict, Parental – Effects on Children


Co-Parenting, Alone

Divorce Recovery

Domestic Relations Office, Travis County

Emotion Coaching for Children

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Healing – Overcoming Your Childhood Emotional Neglect 

Parenting, General



Parenting, Toddlers

Parental Alienation


Relationships, Strengthening with Your Child


Support Groups:

Trauma, Understanding & Healing From


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If I accept your case, I will be acting as your mediator or parenting facilitator. I will not be acting as your attorney and I will not be giving you legal advice.